Ware's Division - VS-6 at Midway - June 4, 1942

A division of SBD-3 Dauntless divebombers of USS ENTERPRISE'S VS-6, led by Lt. Charles Rollins Ware, is portrayed in this image.
VS-6 had just successfully attacked the Japanese
carrier KAGA, and are seen here heading home.

The SBD in the background is S-5 (03224), flown by Ens.Frank Woodrow O'Flaherty with gunner Bruno Peter Gaido AMM1c, and they have just run out of
fuel due to battle damage and are descending to a water landing. They would later be
picked up by the Japanese destroyer MAKIGUMO, and ultimately executed.

The rest of
the aircraft are:

S-4 - (03206) Lt. Charles Rollins Ware and William Henry Stambaugh AMM1c
S-6 - (03225) Ens. James Arnold Shelton and David Bruce Craig RM3
S-12 - (4600) Ens. Carl David Peiffer and Frederick Charles Jeck ARM3c
S-15 - (4615) Ens. John Reginald McCarthy and Earl Edward Howell ARM2c
S-14 - (4612) Ens. John Cady Lough and Louis Dale Hansen RM3c
The SBD's are formed up to repel an attack by a group of Zeroes from HIRYU, on their way to
attack the YORKTOWN. Not only did the Zeroes fail to score but two of the six had to return to
HIRYU because of battle damage. The fighting and evasion tactics of Ware's Division cost them
valuable fuel which would be needed to get home.
Only McCarthy and Howell in S-15 ever found their way back, ditching near the US Fleet. Ware had
successfully led his charges through fighter attacks after the bombing of KAGA, only to perish

with the others in the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean.



Scouting 6


   Naval Academy picture of Charles R. Ware
 ENS J.A. Shelton

 B.F. Gaido AMM1c     Howell E.E. Howell RM2c     cfd  (L) D.W. Craig RM3c  (R) W.H. Stambaugh ARM1c
 Hansen L.D. Hansen RM2c (left and below)


Special Thanks to Mark Horan, for the details of this little known Battle of Midway story, and all
your other generous help, to Frank Biondo of the USS Charles R. Ware DD865 Newsletter (see links),
and to the USS Enterprise website - www.cv6.org for photos.